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Reports Mobile

I worked on refining and simplifying the experience for our enterprise clients, resulting in significant growth in app usage and client satisfaction.

Reports Mobile is the companion app for the Ticketmaster enterprise suite. With real-time analytics, clients can access critical data to identify opportunities and make informed business decisions efficiently.

Sr. Product Designer

My Role

2016 - 2021


Reports Mobile is the companion app for the Ticketmaster enterprise suite. With real-time analytics, clients can access critical data to identify opportunities and make informed business decisions efficiently.

Sr. Product Designer

My Role

2016 - 2021


As the core UX designer for the Reports Mobile team, I collaborated with product partners and three mobile engineers to identify and prioritize key initiatives. My role included leading the entire native mobile experience, from discovery research to design strategy, focusing on identifying report features tailored to the needs of enterprise users.

  • Monthly increase in active enterprise mobile users

Key Results

  • Unified and created the foundation for Ticketmaster interactive seat maps used in enterprise and fan-facing features

  • Explored custom reporting with Google Looker based on user feedback, reducing report creation development time

We identified the core personas for TM1 Reports, aligning the design, product, marketing, and development teams toward delivering an improved client experience. At the same time, continue testing phases of Reports Mobile features.

While working on Reports Mobile, I collaborated with our UX research team to understand our clients' daily workflow and identify pain points and opportunities in their experience by analyzing their use of reports and event data.

Our task was to empower enterprise clients with real-time event analytics on the go. While the desktop Reports feature within the Ticketmaster enterprise suite provides the same database access, many clients may not have access to their desktop or laptop devices. Our goal was to provide the best solution for our clients through the Reports Mobile app. 

Business Need

Project Name

Collaborated closely with Reports Desktop designers and utilized research insights to map out stages for defining design and feature requirements aimed at enhancing the native mobile experience for our enterprise clients.

Rethinking Reports Functionality for Mobile
Co-designing with Our Users

To create a user-friendly app that meets user needs and expectations, I followed a structured process of ideation and validation with our enterprise clients for the many features offered by Reports Mobile during my time with the team.

Project Name

Project Name

Project Name

Project Name

Throughout significant feature releases, the Ticketmaster client relationship team notifies clients of major feature releases through email. Only some clients notice these announcements, which can lead to users missing new features when first introduced. To ensure enterprise users are aware of all new features, we explored first-time user experiences and contextual help to ease the process and assist our clients during major feature releases.

User Onboarding

The Sales Report offers comprehensive sales metrics that help our clients identify crucial insights into event sales, such as daily sales, ticket price levels, seat status, and total face values. These insights can be used to uncover opportunities like price adjustments or marketing campaigns to boost sales.

The Summary Report offers an overview of events, with the ability to access more detailed reports if necessary. User interviews revealed that enterprise clients desire high-level performance metric tracking throughout the event lifecycle to identify opportunities or issues quickly.

Our clients rely on real-time analytical reports that provide accurate data and valuable insights into their event performances. These reports help our clients achieve their business goals more efficiently. We work with our users through iteration to streamline and identify frequently used metrics. We categorize these metrics into primary reports customized to users' needs, helping them reach their goals. The following are a few examples of featured reports.

Designing Key Reports 

Project Name

The Sales Trends Report helps enterprise clients track event performance over time by analyzing seat status, ticket prices, and event sales. It enables them to compare sales trends between events and is optimized for mobile interactions. Users can analyze the data on any mobile device effectively.

The Inventory Report gives a complete view of seat status and ticket inventory, letting users track changes through daily sales. We also partnered with the seat map team to create the mobile Seat Map feature, which has been critical in developing other Ticketmaster enterprise features like event creation.

While working on Reports Mobile, I established mobile design patterns that contributed to the Ticketmaster Aurora Design Systems, which other designers can leverage for the different enterprise features.

Contribution to Design System

Example: Mobile Navigation Pattern

From Design to Continue Growth

Looking into the future, we've explored ideas such as implementing Google Looker to create tailored reports for enterprise clients, creating smart tours for our artist persona, and adjusting seat-level prices via the mobile app without needing the desktop enterprise suite.

In my five years with the Reports Mobile team, I've gained valuable experience in user understanding, strategy mapping, and cross-functional collaboration. We've consistently improved enterprise client satisfaction and usage, resulting in monthly increases. It's been a fantastic learning experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of a successful team.

If you'd like to check out the full version of this case study, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me. You can also check out my other works below.

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