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TM1 Marketing

Transform the enterprise marketing feature into a more efficient self-service experience that allows enterprise clients to create marketing campaigns and stay engaged with their fans.

Ticketmaster Marketing offers robust tools for clients and marketers to understand fans, build targeted audiences, and track campaign effectiveness.

Sr. Product Designer

My Role

2017 - 2020


Ticketmaster Marketing offers robust tools for clients and marketers to understand fans, build targeted audiences, and track campaign effectiveness.

Sr. Product Designer

My Role

2017 - 2020


As Ticketmaster's core designer for the enterprise suite marketing feature, my responsibility was to improve the experience and empower clients to create effective marketing strategies that connect with fans and achieve their goals.

  • Developed Suggest Audiences feature using the Ticketmaster event database for users to generate highly targeted event audiences

  • Enhanced Custom Audiences feature for better fan segmentation filters

  • Redesigned the marketing homepage to allow users to access core marketing features easily

Key Results

How do you create a successful marketing campaign, stay engaged with fans, and grow brand awareness? Our enterprise clients have these questions too.

Questions and Challenges

Our challenge was to provide Ticketmaster clients with self-service tools to create a successful marketing campaign, engage with fans, and grow brand awareness. However, technical, business, and privacy constraints influenced our ability to optimize the Marketing features.

To understand our enterprise clients' use cases, we regularly meet with them to learn their processes and gather feedback.

Understanding the Marketer

I work closely with our research team to gather insights from clients and marketing specialists, analyzing user goals and expectations. The process helps our team understand their workflow and set product priorities.

  • Work with marketing agencies to create ads, commercials, and creative assets

  • Manage email, web, social, television, print, and radio campaigns

  • Build and manage an engaging brand and develop the fanbase

Marketer Tasks and Scenarios

  • Presents marketing reports regularly to the venue executives

  • Track campaign performances

Overview of marketing roles based on our enterprise clients

Example: Ticketmaster Marketing test drive with new features

Example: Interview with Artist and Live Nation Clients

Through research and user feedback, we identify pain points and challenges that enterprise clients face. This helps us ideate opportunities that add value and drive users to leverage the Ticketmaster enterprise suite for their marketing needs.

Marketing Challenges
  • Upset fans (Like unable to get the tickets they wanted) 

  • Lack of budget to run their marketing needs

  • Marketing campaigns are not increasing sales

User Pain Points

  • Difficult tracking campaign effectiveness across multiple channels

  • Track campaign performances

Project Name

I collaborated with my product managers and engineering teams to prioritize tasks based on research findings. Together, we leveraged data from the Ticketmaster live event database to enable clients to generate targeted customer lists through affinity-based audience segmentation. We also improved tracking tools in TM1 Marketing to measure campaign effectiveness across Ticketmaster channels, working closely with clients to achieve this.

Ideating the Marketing Journey

We collaborated with teams and stakeholders to refine the design for core features and identify missing pieces in the information architecture and logic. This process evolved with initial feature requirements and continued throughout my work on Ticketmaster enterprise marketing features.

Design Explorations

External Client Homepage for Concert Artist Clients

Internal Client Homepage

The newly redesigned homepage provides a clear overview of marketing campaigns and offers easy access to the core marketing features of the Ticketmaster enterprise suite. The integration with other Ticketmaster enterprise suite features like Reports and Events has unified the overall Ticketmaster enterprise suite experience. Both internal and external clients can benefit from this redesign and enjoy a seamless marketing experience.

Marketing Homepage

Project Name

Revised event selector and filters

Enhanced custom audience filter options

Enhanced custom audiences allow marketers to segment their databases based on specific criteria, enabling them to spin up campaigns for particular groups of fans.

Custom Audiences

Project Name

Review and Customize Audience Results

Event Selection

Suggested Audiences simplify the audience creation process for marketers by analyzing fans' purchase history and behaviors to provide insights into fans' interest in an upcoming event. This helps marketers drive higher conversions by allowing them to select the event they want to market more effectively. Users only need to choose an event to generate the list of audience with ease.

Suggested Audiences

Project Name

Next Steps

If you'd like to check out the full version of this case study, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me. You can also check out my other works below.

We continue collaborating with our research and product teams to validate ideas with internal and external users, collecting feedback to identify usability issues, and iterating on TM1 Marketing as we advance. As we expand our marketing capabilities, we aim to integrate a unified experience with other Ticketmaster suite features like event creation, reports, and sales to enhance our clients' marketing journey with our products and drive traffic to Ticketmaster's paid marketing services.

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